You know what's amazing? I write a blog, just about every single week. I can sit at the computer for hours without blinking an eye, pounding away the keys as I share with the world, my photographic adventures. But when it comes to this, writing a little bio about my life, my accomplishments, I freeze up. I become stricken with a terrible case of writer's block.

Hello, I’m Michael, the handsome guy you are seeing here in the photograph.

I’m a true Philadelphian, born and raised. In my teen years I spent some time living in the suburbs of Philadelphia but for the majority of my years, I’ve spent them in the wonderful city of brotherly love.

I wouldn't give this city up for anything. Over the years, Philadelphia has offered me some amazing opportunities. Seizing the day, seizing the moment, is what separates the masters from mediocrity. Living in Philadelphia, I have learned to recognize these opportunities and how to use them and turn them into successes.

Photography. I can't tell you the exact year that I became enthralled by this art form but when I did, I didn't hold back one bit. Did I jump in feet first? Hell no, I jumped in head first, in the deep end, with no lifeguard on duty. It was all or nothing.

And then I began to create photographs.

Since creating my first image with a camera, I have spent every single free second of every single day, to become more and more experienced, more educated, with the tools I have available.

After spending some years behind the lens, I decided it was time to share my knowledge. It was around that time when blogging became a popular way to share information on a global level, with no gatekeepers to hold anyone back. Basically, if you had electricity, a computer and an internet connection, you could have a blog published in less than five minutes. I decided to give it a shot. I decided to share with the planet, my trials and tribulations with a camera. Today, the blog gets thousands of hits from countless countries (not that I check stats or anything). Fact of the matter is, being able to share my work, to share my knowledge, has changed me as a man, as a human being. The feeling is indescribable.

Currently, the work I do with a camera is focused on the subjects I love, people and food. Some would think that having people and food photography live together, on one website, is a bad idea. I disagree. Much of what we do involves those two amazing things, people and food. So, why not have them live together, in harmony, under one roof?

I decided to do just that. I don't want to have five different websites, each with their own branding, promoting different genres of the same person's work. Is it just me or does that seem like some sort of multiple personality disorder? Hey, I could be wrong. Why complicate things? This is who I am and this is what I shoot. End of story. Good night.

Look, I’m not trying to start a revolution or anything. I just want to create some awesome photography for some awesome people. And those people? They are you.